Take picture every hour

Can a Wyzecam WYZEC3 take a pic every hour, no motion detection needed or wanted

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The only way to accomplish that is to use the Time Lapse feature to have the cam take one snapshot each hour.

You won’t be able to view each individual snapshot in the Wyze App. You will have to remove the SD Card and read the Timelapse folder in a computer or other device with an SD Card Reader to view the snapshots that were taken.

When the Time Lapse schedule runs, it takes the snapshot and saves it to the SD Card. When the time frame for the Time Lapse ends, the Time Lapse icon appears in your Album in the app. Pressing that will then compile all the snapshots into a single video file that is saved in your phone’s default Media folder and will show as a video in the Album.

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What if I buy the service?

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Nope. Scheduled snapshots isn’t a feature on the cam regardless of what subscription you are on. There is no schedule snapshot setting from within the cam nor is there a setting within rules that will take a snapshot. I have Cam Plus Unlimited on a couple dozen cams and can’t do it.

The Time Lapse feature is available on the base cam without any subscription. Since it uses the SD Card for storage and then compiles the resulting video to your device, no cloud storage is used. So, no subscription is necessary.

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What us a “BASE CAM” SlabSlayer?

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Sorry for the confusion. There is no “Base Cam”. I was referring to the Basic Cam Capabilities out of the box without any Subscription enhancements. The Base Features that are on the cam without a subscription.

The Time Lapse feature is a basic feature of the Cam Firmware that is shipped with the cam. The images it takes are saved to the SD Card and, once compiled by the firmware and app, it is saved in your phone or tablet default Media folder. There is no Server storage required that requires a subscription. It is a base feature that comes with the cam (if the cam is capable).

Thank you again S.S. I’m in settings for a V1 cam, and I dont see “Time Lapse” anywhere?


I don’t have a V1 Cam but I know some users who do. I will poke them and see if they can post a reply here.

The oldest cam I have is a V3. The Timelapse is in the 3 dot “more” menu on the bottom of the live stream page.

I see you mention the Wyze V3, then the V1, and the thread is tagged v3 pro. Which camera is it exactly that you need assistance with? And if it’s a V1, is it the actual very first V1, or the WCO V1?

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If you are using an actual Wyze cam V1 camera, this one:

It does have a time lapse function, it’s under the “more” menu off the camera live view page.

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