Snapshot Capture

I’d love it if Wyze cameras were able to do something like a snapshot capture. Instead of a 24/7 continuous recording, Take a still image every X seconds. That will be super helpful at filling in the gaps of what happens between motion events.

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@ajma, If I understand your question correctly, your post describes a feature already available in the Cams. If you go there the camera screen , click on the “Hamburger Menu”(3 dots with the word ‘More’ below) on the right below the video display and select Time Lapse you will be able to set up a recording session to take a series of photos at specified intervals over a specified period of time.

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You can also record only motion events to the SD card or use Cam Plus to record full-length motion events.

i guess it’s close but not exactly. I’m basically asking for the same feature that ring has with,Video%20Settings.%207%20Tap%20the%20Snapshot%20Capture%20toggle.

I’d want it to be a cam plus feature so stored in the cloud

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