Help with complete motion capture

Today this pickup stole a house near mine and I have the trial version of the complete motion capture, the pick-up goes by very fast, and because of that, only the last seconds are recorded when he turns the street. Is there a way that I can see what happened before, I think that the full motion capture should work about 10 seconds before because things like these happen, where you can’t fully see the entire video, is there any way to see what happened 5 or 10 seconds before?

The only way to currently see what happened before was if you also had an SD card in the camera. With the SD card you can record continuous or on motion. With continuous you would obviously have everything and with motion there is a good chance you would have more. When it is set to record to SD on motion it records 1-minute videos and if ANY motion is found in the 1-minute it keeps the video and if none it discards it. More info on that can be found at the link below.