Complete Motions Capture On SD Card

I noticed the release of complete motions capture for users who want to pay for cloud storage every month but I don’t see it for us that purchased the 32gb wyze sd card. I recently had 3 people enter my driveway at 3am and it only captured 12 seconds of them checking our cars.

I would hope the sd card users can get this feature and not pay a monthly fee.

Hi @rkphil2000: The reason that you are not seeing longer videos with the SD card installed is because the SD card videos are not shown in the Events list. Instead, they are shown by tapping the View Playback button from the live stream. In Advanced Settings > Local Storage, you can set the SD card to record either continuously or event only. In the latter, you will get one minute long segments that continue as long as there is motion occurring.

Newly released in app version 2.6.x is the ability to jump directly from the 12 second Event video to the livestream or the same time on the Playback of the SD card. Look for these icons on the Event video:



Very cool, I found a longer version of kids trying to see if my car was unlocked at 2:56am the other night… The news media said they stole a work van on the next block over after they left my place. After looking back at the footage, the wyze cam also had that van speeding by my house so I shared it with the sheriff and news.

Thank you!