Viewing events from SD card

Just trying to understand how this works, We have outdoor cam v3 with SD card installed. When i get a notification of motion detected on my phone I click on the event and press play button it wants me to sign up for monthly service, So is the SD card useless without a paid subscription fees?


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No, you do not need a subscription to view the SD Card Footage.

You will most likely get the popup “Subscribe to Cam Plus” messages. But you can cut down on those by turning off your In App Notifications and promotional notifications.

Without a subscription, you will only get a Push Notification of Motion Events. It will also place your cam in a 5 minute Timeout Cooldown after that Event Notification wherein you won’t get any Motion Uploads or Notifications until the cooldown expires.

Without a subscription, you will also only get a Thumbnail image, not a Video Event Upload in the Events tab. You can increase this to a 12s video and add Person Smart AI detection on the V3 by subscribing to Cam Plus Lite, which can be Free, but you are still subjected to the 5 minute cooldown.

Make sure you have SD Card Recording turned on in the Cam Advanced Settings. You can record Continuous or only Motion Activated Events.

When you view the Live Stream from the cam, there should be a bar at the bottom that is labeled “View Playback”. That is the button that launches the SD Card Playback Video Viewer.

When opening an Event Thumbnail or Video from a Push Notification link or from the Events Tab, there is an SD Card icon at the bottom labeled Playback. Clicking that will launch the SD Card Playback Video Viewer and index the timeline to the moment that Event Thumbnail\Video was produced.


Thank you for all this information!


Is your “View Playback” the same as my “SD Card” button?
Or am I missing something?

You wrote -
“When you view the Live Stream from the cam, there should be a bar at the bottom that is labeled “View Playback”. That is the button that launches the SD Card Playback Video Viewer.”

I don’t have a “View Playback” button. I believe my equivalent button is called " SD Card"?

My menu lists the following buttons.
SD Card - Take Photo - Record - Siren - Album - Timelapse - Turn Off.

I am using Wyze OG, with Cam Plus, and a 128gb SD card installed with Continuous recording.

When I click on SD Card, a 7 day Calendar pops up with the continuous video stream columns/bars displayed below each day of the week.

Yes. the OP states they were using a V3 cam. The UI (older cam versions) used by the V3 uses these:

The OG Cam uses the updated UI. The Playback SD Card button in the Events Viewer does not change, but the button in the Live View changes to this:

That is normal for the OG. This new UI for the OG cams and newer (V3Pro & PanV3) shows the timeline history bar vertically below the video rather than the previous horizontal scroll bar.


Thanks for the thorough explanation. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking an OG feature.


Still having issues trying to view video events, after I press playback icon this is what i see on phone.

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What firmware is your V3 Cam running?
What App Version?
What OS Platform?
Do you have Record to SD Card enabled in the Advanced Settings?
Is Continuous or Events selected?
Are there any rules that will schedule the cam to be off?
How far from your router is the cam?
Is there any load latency when loading the Live View?
Is this cam assigned to Cam Plus?
Have you swapped the SD Card and tested with a known good SD?