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I checked SD card and it’s working good. I update the Wyze App, reinstall my Wyze Cam with or without SD Card, update the firmware still not working and it always asking to subscribe Cam Plus. Meanwhile my Iphone 7 is showing the SD Card exist and I even reformat several times, still will not record the event. Is there anyone can help me to fix this issue. I tried to inquire and ask a support from the chat line nothing they can do about it. They just requested me to submit a log which is I done that, but no one replied. The support told me that they will replace my Wyze Cam V2 but then it’s out of warranty. If that is the case the Wyze cam did not last 3 years and become a negative impression on this unreliable Wyze Cam. I wish someone will help me fix this…Thank you

With the SD card installed, Event Recording and SD Card Recording are two seperate functions that are not related.

Event Recording is set in Cam Settings → Event Recording. Make sure Detects Motion is toggled on or there will be no Events. To get any Smart AI Event tagging, you will need CamPlus or CamPlus Lite.

If the Detects Motion Toggle is on, clear your filters in the Events tab by selecting the funnel icon and then clear all.

All “Events” in the Events tab are saved in the cloud on the Wyze Servers, NOT on the SD card. If you have no subscription, those Events are Thumbnail snapshots only, no video, with a 5 minute lockout cooldown between events and no Smart AI tagging. With CamPlus Lite, it changes to 12s videos and adds Person Detection AI. With CamPlus, it gets 5m back to back video, no cooldown, and full AI tagging.

SD Card Recording: check your Cam Settings → Advanced Settings to insure that your SD card is set to (1) Continuous Recording, or (2) Events Only Recording (any time motion is detected).

The SD Card recorded footage can only be accessed thru the app by selecting “View Playback” while Live Streaming (watching) a cam or by pressing the SD icon at the bottom of an Event Video being viewed in the Events Tab.


Please correct me if I’m wrong.
So the event recording can be view only if we subscribe the Cam Plus. Regardless you have the SD card or not.
And the SD card can only use for View playback only. Without SD card, then there is no view playback only live streaming.

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The presence of an SD Card and recording to that card has absolutely NO relation to what is seen within the Events Tab of the app.

The Events Tab shows only Events that were uploaded by the cam to the Wyze Servers, NOT SD recorded video.

You will always have events in the events tab so long as you have Detects Motion toggled on in the Detection Settings and your Events Tab filters are set to view them. What type of files are shown there is dependant on your subscription:

  • No subscription = Thumbnail Snapshots only, 5m Cooldown, No AI
  • CamPlus Lite = 12s Video, 5m Cooldown, Person AI
  • CamPlus = Full Length (5m) Video, Back to Back, Full AI

Correct. Accessed from the View Playback bar or Playback Icon. SD recording can be Continuous or Motion Events only set in the Advanced Settings. SD recording is in no way limited by your subscription status (unless you have the WCO which records a bit differently).

Correct. View Playback is only from the SD. Without it there is no video recorded to playback. However, the Cloud Recorded Events in the Events Tab will continue to operate regardless of the SD.

Thanks for the info

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