SD card use and data access

Hi, I have installed a 32GB SD card in my Wyze v2 cam. My question is are all these 12 second motion detected videos automatically recorded to that SD card? If so how do I access them? I assume when I go to “events” in the app (Android), these events are Cloud based. Secondly, lets say I want to record extended video and I access the camera in question and hit the record button? Does the app give you the option to record to the SD card on the camera VS to your phone?

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Instead of going through a long explanation, here’s the Support topic for SD card usage.

That pretty much answers everything you asked.


so the sd card recording is not the 12 second clips. they are very much separate.

for information on the clips check this out.
clips recording

this is information with regard to the continious motion capture so you can have cloud clips longer than 12 seconds via a small ( very affordable) subscription.

and here is the information for recording via an SD card.
SD recording

generally it will be easier for people to see the difference as explained by Wyze. if you have any questions beyond that we will be glad to help you :nerd_face:


Perfect, thanks