Capture complete motion

Ok, 1st I love my wyze cam. But I would like to record person motion as long as person is present. I do have a SD card. I seen mention of IFTT & complete motion capture. How can it do I use either of these functions to achieve longer recordings. Or is there some other option to achieve longer recording? What am I missing? Help!!

Ok, I will be looking for new option for longer recording. Thanks
However, how do I use IFTTT function in wyze setting? How does it help my cam functionality?

Complete Motion Capture. Is in beta testing and will be available soon.
Sorry I don’t use IFTTT so can’t answer any questions about that, you can click on the hourglass at the upper right and search for IFTTT

Okay Thanks

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I signed up for the free complete motion trial. I cannot find where to view these and I only have one day left on the trial. Any help would be appreciated.

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CMC recordings show up in the Events tab along with the normal 12-second clips.


Thanks. I did not scroll back far enough.

complete motion should be Free,…Complete