Longer Event Video Lengths

This is under consideration but would likely take a subscription service and is unlikely to change in the near future. People are cautioned not to rely on our product for security or important tasks because the combination of a short video with a 5 minute cooldown period makes it easy to lose the most important footage. There is concern that a camera could be stolen or destroyed so a microSD card is not viewed as an acceptable compromise. This would be less of a problem if we could stream video to storage devices or clouds already owned by the customer (which RTSP will enable).



MOD NOTE: This feature was released in app version 2.6.x. Please see the following links for more information:



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To avoid impacting the cloud, how about an option for a notification to open Playback (from microSD) for users who have one and want to view longer? MicroSD can be a viable alternative, e.g. when monitoring outside from a camera behind a window or out of reach.


I definitely would use an “on camera” alert video feature just like View Playback. The current alert playback is FAR to short. Or… at least the ability to jump directly to the time of the alert in the View Playback. This might actually be the better option. (as to not have 2 copies of the same recording on the SD)


+1 here. Yi’s camera app has this option, and despite it being inferior cameras and app in most every other way, it’s the one feature i miss in Wyze’s app.cc

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Almost immediately I wished that the cloud uploads were longer than 12 seconds. There are a few locations where 12 seconds can work, but there are so many other locations that need longer recordings to catch the event. I’d gladly trade half of my days of revolving storage for twice the amount of time recorded per video upload (24 second videos, stored for 7 days). Just my $0.02.


Dito your reaction, and compromise. I just installed 2 cams this weekend, One caught someone entering a room, but not the actual act of opening a restricted file cabinet within the first 12 seconds. That was the piece of evidence I was looking for, and it was lost. I’ll have to pull the entire video to review all of the footage. DANG IT!


Will we ever be able to get more than 12 secs of video?


I know we shouldn’t expect too much with free cloud storage but 30 seconds would be much more reasonable. Perhaps a premium service for longer length and retention?


+1. 12 seconds is too short - esp if you place your camera to overlook a door (eg garage door) or even the walkway. 12 sec is just about when the person comes within recognizable range. 12 second or record all locally are 2 very extreme options. A longer duration will certainly help with security applications and peace of mind.


12 seconds is too short. Please increase to 30 secs. or this should be in the features section so one knows about this before buying. See SD card wont really do as the thieves may just take the whole camera with them.


I agree. I don’t mind that it is 12 seconds as a minimum for a motion trigger, but if the person or car is still causing the motion and is still in the frame, it either needs to extend or trigger a new 12 second clip immediately following the first one.


waste of money in its current 12 second capture.


I just purchased the cam and 12 sec Alert video is too short. I get to see the garage door open but that is it, I cannot see who walks in. If server storage is the issue then shorten the length that of time the data stays online - configurable option of course. Other than that, the camera is cool.

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+1 for longer alert video.

I realize there has to be some kind of limit, but ideally the alert would also have an option to record either 30 seconds or x number of seconds after motion stops, whichever is longer.

The length of the alert recording determines the delay between motion detection and your notification (12 seconds later vs 30+ seconds later), so it’s a trade-off between immediate notification and longer recording.

If we’re talking about a potential thief/vandal situation where the camera itself is stolen/destroyed then recording and uploading multiple small clips would be best to ensure at least one of the clips gets uploaded before the camera loses power.

I imagine all these settings are already in place (just preset and not exposed to the end user) so it shouldn’t take much effort to add more “advanced” options. Throwing it into an Advanced menu would preserve the clean UI for typical users but wouldn’t deter those of us who need more control.


Agreed. There should be an option for 15/30 seconds. I am glad that it starts recording a few seconds before the incident happens.


I think the 5 minutes “cooldown” is far too long.


Please also see (and vote for) this similar topic:

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I hope everyone realizes that a longer alert means you don’t get the notice until later. Let’s say someone comes to your door. Currently, you get a few seconds recorded before the motion is triggered and then several seconds after. So you get the notice maybe 5 seconds after they knock or ring the bell. If the alert is 30 seconds, they’ll be standing at your door for 25 seconds or more before the alert is even finished recording, then it’s sent, then you watch it… So, a couple minutes can go by before you even reply.

They can’t send the push notice early because everyone would be trying to watch an alert video that hasn’t even finished recording the full 30 seconds, let alone get shipped up to the cloud. I like my 12 second alert videos.

With respect the original suggestion of enabling optional authenticated RTSP or RTSP/TLS to use for on local network security solutions: +1, This would be a big win for us without adding to wyze aws storage. It is just a micro-nix on MIPS deployment.

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As much as I would love to see a user-selectable event timer (i.e. I can choose how long my event clips will be up to, say, 1 min) I understand this would have a massive impact to the free cloud storage.

An alternative I would be more than happy to see would be adding event markers to the timeline so I can see where my events are in my continuous recording. It would also be great if longer event recordings were saved to the SD card directly while keeping the 12 second recording on the cloud.

Just my .02