Triggered event videos- time options

Event videos - time options

Is there a way to adjust the triggered event video detection time to be greater than 12 seconds per clip?
I realize a card can be used and video made to be ongoing. But the problem with the card is that one has to be present at the camera to access it. Then the card has to be pulled, one has to have a computer nearby, run a search, etc. All of that time could’ve saved if only there were some options for different lengths of detected video event clips. Please consider adding some different time options for triggered/recorded event videos.

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After I have an “Event”:
Presently I playback and record the playback to my local device. Finding the correct time is not easy but with the latest beta app I can jump to the time.

Is that working pretty well? Do you find yourself smiling with delight while using it?

Seems it makes the cameras almost useful again.
Presently my main complaint is the 5 to 20 second delay that exists with my 2 yr old Samsung J3 phone, the latest beta app and the latest V2 firmware.
Trick or treaters were able to walk from the sidewalk to my door (about 50 feet) before the camera even displayed them as being on the sidewalk. I get FedEx packages delivered before they show up on camera.

“Almost useful again” is “on the road to Delight but not yet in the vicinity” (according to my personal dictionary.) With that kind of lag I definitely would not be smiling yet. Think they can pull a rabbit out of the (new library) hat, or have you pretty much resigned yourself to a new device?

Me am smiling and spooning tofu… welcome back bird