Lowering delay between records

I Bought a Wyze camera, and i have to say that the camera itself is good, i rly like the quality for the price.
The App’s UI is also user friendly and nice to operate. There is only one thing that will make me return the camera… The delay between motion detection and its fast detection is poor. For comparison here are couple screenshot of my previous camera app and Wyze.

Wyze made only 3 videos from much more possible. and unfortunately it lost the most important moment that i needed to be recorded and be notified about.
Zp-j-Wg-Ni-Mw-M — ImgBB (wasn’t able to upload more links due to restriction)
On the other side my old camera did record much more events.
Phone: pixel 3,
Android 10
Sensitivity on max.
Topic was created in hope to see improvement. I really like the camera, and would be glad to by more to secure my home and work place. Rly tired of searching for something affordable and nice quality.
Ps I am switching to other brands for reason.

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Welcome to the community, @killimao. It sounds like you were running into the 5-minute cooldown. These #roadmap topics are currently in testing and may interest you. It shouldn’t be too much longer before it’s made available as a public release.

Please see the following topics for an idea on how it’s going to work.

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Welcome to the forums! Bummer that you had this experience! The five minute cool down for the cloud notification motion events is a down side for these cameras currently, but there are ways around that and I am sure the community here will help explain that to you if you stick around.

Do you have a SD card in your camera? SD card recording and the event cloud notification clips that you talked about in your post are separate functions. Yes the event cloud notification videos can occur every fire minutes, having a SD card in your camera can allow the camera to save continuous or event triggered footage to onboard the camera. You can use the cloud notification to get the time if your event and go to the card playback in app to see the full event coverage. From playback or even live view you can make a manual clip to save I’d you need the footage saved outside of the onboard SD card to your device.

There is also a complete motion recording service being released soon that allows the camera to forgo the 5 minute cool down. Check into that if you are still thinking if staying with these products. Good luck! Just ask aroun be if you have more questions and the community will be there to help ya!