IFTTT motion trigger and continuous motion support

I created an IFTTT routine that sends a webhook when motion is detected and that originally worked well. I enabled the trial period of “complete motion”, and now IFTTT doesn’t trigger for motion at all. I disabled the “complete motion” for the camera and the routine started working again.
How do I get this working with “complete motion”?

You would have to subscribe to the Complete Motion Capture Service. It’s around $1.50 per camera per month.

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With the new Complete Motion service option there is an issue with IFTTT Applet trigger for motion if your using this service. The original motion setup works but if you set your camera for Complete Motion the event will not trigger the Applet. I am paying for the service and it’s not a trial version. We need the new Complete Motion event to be able to trigger an IFTTT Applet trigger. Thanks

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How do we reach out to Wyze to request that be taken care of. I’m not going to start paying money for a broken feature.

Or better yet, is there a RESTapi or something I can listen to locally on the network for motion events?