Motion Recording Question

I have one wyze cam that I just setup and installed a SD card. The camera is recording everything all the time. I have the settings on Motion. I thought it would only record on a motion detection not everything.
I have another wyze cam the one that rotates and I have the same settings motion and a SD card. It only records motion. Am I missing something a setting I need to change. Any help would be appreciated.

Keep in mind that Alert recording (set up in Settings > Alert Settings) and SD Card recording (set up in Settings > Advanced Settings > Local Storage) work independently and are viewed from different places. The former is viewed in the Notifications tab of the app. The latter is viewed by tapping View Playback from the live stream.

For SD card recording, you can set it to record continuously or Event Only. This is set in the above mentioned Local Storage setting area. In Event Only mode, the card will retain all full one minute segments that contain any motion up until the card is full at which time the oldest segments are deleted. The minutes that contain motion are indicated on the playback timeline with green shading. You can jump from one to the previous/next using the back/forward buttons on the timeline.

This article may help:

That’s exactly what I needed to change, thanks for the help. Love these cameras.

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