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I understand my question may be odd but will ask anyway. As far as I know, I have my settings so that nothing records to SD card. However, when I go to Playback, there is plenty of video.

I have no Events settings turned on and I have Local Storage set to Record events only.

So my question is why is there video on Playback? What do I need to change?

Had the camera for a week so still figuring it out.

Thanks for the help!

Welcome to the Wyze community!
When you use local storage (SD card) to record motion events, the recordings are saved under the “playback” section in the camera livestream. There’s no way to change this.
More information here:

Your Local storage is your sd card weither it’s continuous recording or events only. If you don’t want SD card recording of anything, disable local storage. Also to be triple sure, remove the SD card.

I have to ask, why did you install an SD card if you don’t want anything recorded to it?

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It is not that I do not want things recorded. It is more trying to understand why things are being recorded when I do not have it set to record. I wish to learn more about the device that I have.

When in Events Recording, one turns on Detects motion and Detects sounds, yes this makes sense that I would have not only Video in my album but also if I hit View Playback.

My question is, if these event switches, if you will, are turned off, why is it that I can go to View Playback and there is recorded footage? Essentially, what is telling my camera to record footage that I can see on View Playback? What is triggering the camera to do this?

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Ok, I know what you mean now.
I’ve never tried turning off both motion and sound Event recording so never noticed this.
I think you are correct though, recordings go to the SD card no matter what you set in Event recording.
I’ll experiment with it and let you know.

Event recording to the cloud is completely independent from local recording to your micro SD card. You can have both enabled, one or the other, or neither.

Event recording to the cloud is enabled/disabled and configured via: Wyze app Home > select your cam’s Live Stream > Settings (the gear icon in the upper right corner) > Event Recording

Notifications for these cloud-based Event recordings are configured via: Wyze app Home > select your cam’s Live Stream > Settings (the gear icon in the upper right corner) > Notifications

To view these recorded events in the cloud: Wyze app Home > Events tab at the bottom of screen > tap on an event.

You can also view a cloud event by tapping on the video in your device’s notification.
Local recording to your micro SD card is either events-only or continuous. Again, this function is completely independent from cloud-based “Event Recording”. To select one of these 2 SD recording options or disable it completely: Wyze app Home > select your cam’s Live Stream > Settings (the gear icon in the upper right corner) > Advanced Settings > Local Storage > toggle “Local recording to micro SD card” on or off and select one of the 2 recording options.

To view these recording on your SD card: Wyze app Home > select your cam’s Live Stream > View Playback button at bottom of screen.

You can also get to these SD recordings by tapping the Playback button at the bottom of your display anytime you are viewing a cloud event.

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After experimenting I see that there is no way to tailor these SD recordings other than Event or Continuous. We can’t decide to not record either Motion or Sound. I assume it’s always both. We can set a time window.
I wonder if the Detection Zone has any effect on these SD card Events?

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That’s a good question. If I find some time this weekend and it’s not pouring rain, I’ll check it out. :+1: