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How do I make a kind of Time Lapse consisting of single images ?

The camera must take a picture every 15 seconds for 10 hours and save each picture on the SD card.

and so on …

and what is the highest resolution the images can be?

Have :

Time Lapse will save the recordings as a video, not individual .jpg files. You can use video editing software to separate each frame into separate .jpg images if needed. The camera has no way to do that internally.

On the old UI bring up the camera, select the three dots on the right of the selections below the image and then select “Time Lapse”. Set start time, End time, and interval. then select “Set” at the bottom.

On the new UI (OG, V3 Pro, V3 Pan), it similar except on the menu items below the image, scroll right (swipe left) to show the Time Lapse selection. Again, set the desired start, end and interval times and the “Save” at the bottom.

Note you MUST have a uSD card installed in the camera in order to set up a Time Lapse.


If you want a series of scheduled snapshots vs video clips, the feature doesn’t exist with Wyze products. But you can vote for and/or comment on this existing wishlist topic to show your interest and support for the feature:

Scheduling image captures (photos)


The Time Lapse feature that is already resident on the cam will do all of that for you without you needing to deal with the library of 2400 sequential snapshots required to make the time lapse.

The UI and selections vary slightly from cam to cam, but you set the interval: 15s, you set the duration: 10h and the cam does all the work. It will shoot a single frame snapshot every 15s for 10h. When it is done, it compiles the 2400 snapshots and places the resulting time lapse video in your “Album” in the app that you can then download to your phone default Media Album. No need to mess with any individual image files at all.

Not sure the resolution changes from the SD or HD that you have already set in the cam for recording. I always have my cams in HD and the time lapse videos look great.

As I mentioned earlier today, I set up a time lapse on one of my V3 cameras (FW ver., and on one of my V3 Pan cameras (FW ver. Both were for five hours and they intentionally had different picture rates. Had to wait till I was home in order to download the videos, but both worked perfectly from my Moto Edge+ 5G UW (2022) with Android version 12 and app version 2.44.0 (b317).

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