Time Lapse - still running?

I started a time lapse many days ago, but when I open the Wyze Android application, I can’t see if it has stopped or is still running?

How do I see on Time Lapse is on/off?

I have started one hour lpase many days ago but when I open the Wyze Android application I can’t see if it has stopped or still running ?

How do I see on Time Lapse is on/off?

ARE there restrictions on how long a time lapse recording can last?
If “Yes” - number of days and hours?

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You tagged this thread Cam Outdoor. I don’t have Cam Outdoor, but on all the other cams, when the Time Lapse has completed recording, it will show up in your Album as a Timelapse ready to compile and download from the SD raw images. If you click on Timelapse while it is still recording, it will show you that it is scheduled to end at a specific time.

Yes. Two restrictions. First is the available space on the SD Card. If it runs out of space, it will end prematurely. Second is the schedule, if the WCO is anything like the other Wyze Cams, it is about 1 month give or take. The V3 schedules by date which allows until midnight on the 29th day, the OG schedules by duration which allows 30 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes.

Thanks for the good answers.

Additional questions.
Can I have both a Time Lapse running and at the same time have the camera take pictures in intervals?

Has the following camera:
Wyze Cam V3 Pro
Wyze Pan Cam V3

There is no way for you to schedule the cam to take pictures in intervals outside of the Time Lapse.

You can manually press the Take Photo button while a Time Lapse is running, but that is the extent of taking photos.

This is not a current function, but there is a wishlist topic requesting such a feature. Give it a vote if you want to support!

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