Time Lapse - don't save after end time

Have a Wyze Cam Pan V3

I have had an Time Lapse running for 3 weeks which has now stopped.
If I look in the Wyze application for Android, I have seen this symbol ( wheel spinning) now for more than 1½ days.

What’s going on and why isn’t there a finished video that I can watch and download?

Is your phone on the same WiFi as the camera?

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If its a large time lapse, which i am guessing it is since it has been running for three weeks, i’d recommend taking the SD card out of the camera and then placing the card into a computer and copy the file that way. You’ll get much faster download and copy rate and a more reliable copy of the file. It wont tie up your device for the download.


What size SD Card are you using? How full was it when you started the Timelapse? How full is it showing now? Are you also recording Continuous or Events to the card?


Size MicroSD : 256
I only recording this Time LApse

I only asked to make sure that the card wasn’t running out of space. But since it has presented a download link, it would appear it did complete.

When you click on the time lapse for it to download, how many MB is it showing that should be downloading?

The app is downloading the file directly from your SD Card to your phone and rendering it as a MP4 from its native format. For really large files, this means that it will be using considerable WiFi bandwith during the process and may take a while since WiFi is capped at considerably low speeds on 2.4GHz. If the cam doesn’t have the greatest WiFi reception, it may stall the download. You might try moving the cam a bit closer to the router to see if that helps.

I ran a comparative test this weekend with a short Timelapse on 4 different cam types. Even with a short timelapse, I had to repeat the download on several cams because it stalled or failed. My PanV3 is very close to the router, so it downloaded without issues.