Time Lapse issue

I recorded a time lapse and when I tried viewing/downloading it, I get the following “Network not stable, please try later” on my Pixel 2. Anyone else having this issue?

I ended up removing the Wyzecam from my account and added it back. I can view time lapse videos now.

I’m having the same problem. did you lose the time lapse videos you took when you removed it? I have several that won’t load.

When I removed it, they still appeared for me. I join the beta app which fixed some issues for me. Also, I noticed to download the time lapse videos, you’ll need to be on the same wifi as your camera.

Same issue, netwot not stable messages and other times it says downloading but never actually does anything. I let it sit for several minutes thinking it’s a large file but nothing.

Wyze really should allow time lapse file download regardless of local network connectivity. No good reason to restrict it to the camera network. Come on, Wyze!

I second this request. Especially since I am allowed to remotely record to my phone local storage from a live or playback stream using the Wyze app. Please allow the downloading of time lapses over the open internet using the Wyze app, and not just over the local home network.