Unable to download time lapse videos

When I go to Album I can see the Time Lapse with the down load arrow. But when I click I keep getting the message to connect to the same wifi network as the camera. Which I am already.

Why will it not connect?

Welcome to the community, @cjarmitage!

The Time Lapse video needs to be downloaded from the microSD card to your phone’s gallery before you can view it. To do this, make sure that the Wyze app has permission to access your phone’s photo gallery, and your smart device is connected via Wi-Fi (since they are big files).

If you have not granted this permission, you will not see the Time Lapse in the Album of your Wyze app. You can change the permissions for your phone or tablet’s photo gallery in your device’s settings in order to grant permission to the Wyze app to download and view your Time Lapse.

Tap on the Download icon on the video thumbnail to download the Time Lapse.

You can also retrieve the Time Lapse directly from the microSD card by removing the card from the camera and reading it with a computer.

Time Lapse Support Page


Thank you that works!

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Happy to hear. You are welcome!

Which works for you? Download icon, removing the card or both?

I went onto my iphone and allowed my wyze app to get access to photos

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Mine shows fully downloaded but won’t render the video. Keeps flashing unstable connection but wifi is perfect. Very annoying as I need the videos for a project due tomorrow. Don’t want to pull the .jpgs - too much work.

I’m having same problem. I’m on same network and granted all permission and nothing. I pulled the card to check time lapse folder and can’t find the video. But when I checked app it show download arrow and date of time lapse. Please help.

I downloaded a free app from VLC to read the .H264 video files. After I took all the media from the SD card, I had to reformat the card. Tested it after and it worked.

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Are you able to download from app to phone? So if checking from SD card on pc, I need to get the file with extension. H264 to view time lapse with VLC program? I would rather have wyze figure out why i cant view from app. Thanks,

I’m having the same issue with 2 different wyze cams… very frustrating.