Time lapse issue with downloading video

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I’m not able to download the recorded time lapse video even while I’m connected to the same wifi network. Is anyone experiencing this same issue?

If so, how did you resolve it?

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Have you tried taking the SD card out and reviewing the time lapse on your computer?

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Welcome to the forums! Is your location permission enabled for the app in your devices OS? Are you on Android or apple? What happens when you try to download the time lapse now?


Why apps these days wants to know where you are located. Knowing where we are, They never send me Free pizza nor Beer.


Yes I haven’t gotten free beer or pizza either… Yet! Ill take a pep and sausage for whomever gets around to it.

The short version of what I’ve seen in here is that the location permissions for the app needs some data snippet that is held within the permission to tell that your connected to the same wifi network as your camera with the time lapse.
For more:

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