Timelapse download on non- local network

Why is it that you have to be on the same network to download time-lapse videos? I would love to be able to set up cameras on time-lapse and be able to download that video when I’m not on the same network. this would also be useful for people that have cameras at a vacation home where they don’t reside full time.

Can we get a read on how the research is going?
Can you fix it when you fix the general time lapse problem?

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I am allowed to remotely record to my phone local storage from a live or playback stream using the Wyze app, which generates file sizes of over 500MB, but not remotely download time lapses, which are much smaller files. This does not make much sense to me. Please allow the downloading of time lapses over the open internet, not just the local home network. Thanks

100% agree with this. Makes no sense forcing you to use the same network as the camera to download time-lapse. A 8 hour time-lapse is only about 400MB and here cellular speeds are often faster than wi-fi and many of us have genuinely uncapped data allowances.

Hello there! I truly, really, definitely need this capability in my Wyze cameras. The cameras are set up in remote locations which I cannot access unless I take a flight. I however need to access and download time lapse video but also any file in the SD Card, so access to the file system of the SD card would be most necessary.

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Well now it’s been about 2 years.

@Bam - any way we can get more support?

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it has been a while. I completely forgot about this. When I talk with a dev next I will bring this up! I would love to use this STILL!

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I would like to see Remote time lapse retrieval. Right now we have to be onsite to be on the same WIFI and network (VPN don’t even work). Would love to see retrieve time lapses over the Internet.

Well @Bam - any results?

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I spoke with a pm the other day but they weren’t working with any of the cameras. Mainly home devices. Sadly they wouldn’t have been the person to ask. I haven’t spoken to any cam pm’s in a hot minute.

I will keep this in mind. Thank you for the bump!

I recently found out I need this too. I just came back from installing a camera in a beach house in Peru, so that I can make time lapses of the tides and weather and it turns out I can’t do it remotely, ArgH!

Anybody know of any kind of work around say using a remote login to Windows and some kind of simulator or remote login to a phone, get it that way?

I can practically guarantee this will never be a feature offered, especially for free. The problem I see is that these extremely large video files have to be uploaded to the cloud for your device to be able to download. As a company that started out with completely free storage and now low-cost cloud storage, the amount of data their cloud servers would have to handle from timelapses has the potential to completely dwarf the amount of data used to upload and store 12 second clips. It would be nice if they could allow us to add this feature even for a cost, but I just have a feeling that the strain on their resources would be significant.

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When I had made this (many moon ago) the company was looking into making their own storage drive which you would have been able to buy and keep local so the cloud would have been removed from the calculations. Sadly that partnership fell through and to date I don’t know if it’s something they’re looking to revive or not. Especially with all the AI features utilized nowadays I don’t know if it would be feasible at all unless they were working on far more edge detection but again something that’s not been released publicly at all if it is something they’re working on. But one can dream :slight_smile:

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