Schedule time lapse overnight and view footage remotely next morning


I’m new here. Thanks in advance for the responses.

I have the cam set up to record my fridge/freezer. In the summer we go away to the cottage several times and probably 3 or 4 times a year I come back and the freezer defrosted by going up above zero and staying there after a minor blip of a power outage. Sometimes the outage isn’t enough to reset the alarm clock but it does funny things with the freeze sometimes.

I have the Wyze cam pointed at the digital temp display and I can check every few hours but not when I’m sleeping. I want to wake up and see footage of every two hours or so of what temp setting the freezer has been at during the overnight.

I put in a 32 gb SD card and I went More > Time Lapse > and set a start time and end time 1 minute apart and left the default on every 3 seconds and pressed Set.

Well I went to More > Album > Videos and clicked on the time lapse video and it said please connect your mobile device to the same wifi network as the camera to download time lapse video. So it didn’t work for my intended purpose.

If there is a way to make this work, how do I go access the footage remotely when I’m away? By cloud? Do I have to sign up for that?

Would have liked time lapse by images but I see that is not a feature of this cam.

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Welcome to the community, @megaman. Currently, retrieving a time lapse video only works locally. However, Wyze is researching the possibility of remote access of time lapse videos. Please see the #wishlist topic and the support links below. :slight_smile:


So do I do “Event Recording” and record those 7-8 hours? If so, how would I then view that footage later?

Right now I put an alarm clock right beside the freezer for reference purposes. If I check in on the camera every few hours during the day and see that the clock has reset then I know there was a real power outage and not just some minor blip.

You would access that footage via the “Playback” function in the app. This page has a pretty good explanation of how that works. :slight_smile:


A klunky workaround is to manually start the recording at the beginning of your desired timeframe then stop at the end. You can do this real-time or, as @DreadPirateRush pointed out, thru the playback from your SD card. This gives you a recording on your device album which you can edit with other software. At least on my IOS default editor, and I know in some other video editing apps, I can manually scroll thru footage pretty fast. I’ve used this to monitor a pressure gauge on an old boiler and it worked.
As I said, it’s poor substitute but it is doable until the timelapse feature is changed.

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I just tried recording manually for 10 seconds and viewed on app. Works nice.

If I record for 8 hours, then I’d want to see view the footage on a video editor on a laptop instead of the phone, like tomp mentioned. I do take a laptop to the cottage with me. So I guess I can connect the phone and transfer the video to the laptop.