Time Lapse Auto Download

Need to Auto Download a Time Lapse from a Wyze Cam to a Network Path on the home network?

This Auto Download should occur between certain hours and/or upon completion of a Time Lapse recording.

This might be a challenge for someone with only one device, such as their iPhone that goes to work with them. Perhaps set up parameters to where the Time Lapse Video only auto downloads between Midnight and 6am when the phone is on the home SSID and charging?

Many folks have more than two devices (iPad, android tablet, or in my case an old Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that never leaves the desk, it’s actually sitting in a stand at my desk monitoring my Wyze Video Doorbell), this 2nd devices could be used for this purpose of Auto-downloading to a local path on the network.)

If not to a local path on the home network, at least auto download to the phone/tablet/iPad so I can then move it later to my home network path.


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