Recurring/daily time lapse schedule

It would be nice to be able to schedule a time lapse to recur daily rather than having to schedule each time. Is this possible?

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Good suggestion! I’ll send that up to the team! Right now there is not a way to set that.



Great! Thanks!

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I second this HIGHLY. Enabling this will allow the ability to see potential people scoping a property or other various activities quickly and easily! Just received 10 of your AMAZING cameras and would just LOVE to see this added. Pretty please?


You guys rock! Keep up the great work!


I would also like to automatically generate a time lapse every day.


Yes, please have this feature.


I further the motion to enable such a feature. In addition, it would be awesome if I could specify start and end times by local sunrise and sunset. (An IFTTT action might be another way to accomplish this.)

Thanks for a great product!


This is a great idea, although not essential.

What’s the status on offering this, WyzeCam?

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In the future will there be way to set time lapse daily instead of each day separately? I would also like to see weekends set separately from weekdays if possible. Programming time lapse one day at a time is really painful, and with computers, unnecessary. I hope these are helpful suggestions. You don’t have to give me credit.

Thanx and 73’


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Wish there was a way to schedule daily time lapses on Wyze. Like 9-to-5 or sunrise to sunset.
As an alternative, add alexa/google home skill or IFTTT applet that would allow to start/stop time lapse.
Ideally it should be able to delete old files when running out of space.


I knew the camera had time-lapse capabilities, but I wish I had tested it before I bought more cameras. I was specifically looking for a dedicated camera doing daily time-lapse recordings. To me, a “recurring” feature is basic to time-lapse! Please?!


Time to upvote this recurring Time Lapse feature request! I’m just starting to use Wyze and it was the very first downfall I found.


Hi there, this is the first time I’ve ever tried to post to any forum anywhere. Not sure how it works, but here I go.

I also would like this feature to allow scheduling time lapse videos.

Additionally, for reasons I don’t understand, in order to download the time lapse videos you need to be on the same local network. What is the reason for that? Because I have a bunch of these cameras and they’re not all on my local network and are as far as 100 miles away from my home. Unless I get a VPN so that all the various local networks are on the same virtual network I can’t download any time lapse videos unless I make a couple hour trip.


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Welcome to the forum, @ppjr. There are two items in the #wishlist category you can vote for at the top-left of each topic. :slight_smile:

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Great idea.

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Too new to post a new topic. I had a conversation with Matthew in customer support about some Time Lapse related bugs and did a bit of a brain dump on how to make the time lapse feature truly amazing (IMO).

Posting here:

Now, fixing time-lapse to open up the Wyze to a fairly interesting market; construction time lapses, both hobby bench and of the “build a house” variety.

It is really close. And at $20/camera, Wyze has the potential of selling a ton of cameras where folks would normally only buy one or two.


  • add ability to schedule time-lapse between N and M hours; i.e. 8:30am to 5:30pm. Ideally, add sunrise/sunset triggers with +/- N minutes before sunrise/sunset.

  • fix the 1 month limit (adjusting the valid time window based on the seconds-between-frames would be fine)

  • (for bench projects) add a “pause time-lapse” and “continue time-lapse” feature. Possibly add make time-lapse triggered by motion detection. I.e. I can set up my workbench to have a project area with a couple of Wyze cameras aimed at it. When I start mucking about in the project area, the Wyze automatically continue the time-lapse. After N minutes of no activity, they stop. This needs to be toggle-able.

  • (super cool bench project added feature) add a QR code or something that you can “show” to the camera to start/stop the time-lapse and add “marks” to the time-lapse video, possibly.

Thanks! Neat product.


It would be great if we can schedule an automated time lapse everyday for day (12 hours) and night (12 hours) at 12 sec gap which means we can scan thru what happened during the day in min.


I second this request. I use my WyzeCam to record (almost) every sunset (see an example here: Clearwater Beach Sunset 06/13/ 2019 - YouTube), and it would be very helpful to be able to schedule it to automatically record every day.


This is a great idea! Maybe a shortcut to trigger a predefined time lapse?


HI I’m new to this and maybe you have already asked this question or have a solution, I would like to turn off motion alerts at scheduled times and have them resume at a later time i.e., scheduled recordings during the night, turn off as I am preparing to leave for work, and resume motion alerts after I am gone to work.

Example: 12:00 AM - 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. research says that most break-ins occur between 10 - 3:30 when people are at work not only at night.