Add option for daytime or nighttime only timelapses

For multi-day timelapses, it is jarring to watch daytime and nighttime scenes one after another. It would be ideal to have an option to record both, or one or the other.

I could see this being implemented by having the ability for the software to automatically suspend the time-lapse whenever the camera switches to night mode or vice versa.

Nice idea.

There has been some recent testing that shows that if you turn the camera to OFF mode, the time-lapse will suspend and resume when you turn it back on. This would be a manual workaround for the time being.

This #wishlist topic is related and may also solve the issue: Recurring/daily time lapse schedule


this is something you could do with the automation rules. and using something like a weather app you can find the specific sun up and sun down times for your area so it is highly customization depending on you needs. im doing a month long lapse of the trees in the backyard turning colors and this discovery will save me loads of time on editing.

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It would also be made easier with implementation of this #wishlist request: Sunset, sunrise (dusk, dawn) trigger for shortcuts / rules. You may want to hop over and vote for that one too.

For the time lapse recordings, it would be nice to be able to check a box so that it doesn’t take any pictures when it is dark out (or in IR mode) so the lighting is consistent throughout the recording when it is played back,

I use the timelapse to run at night between 11:00pm and 5:00am , I use it to scan if “anything interesting” during night time came past my property. The playback doesn’t have a Times x speed , just realtime.( so annoying )
so it only takes me 4 minutes to check the night schedule.

it would be great it I could schedule that for every day of the week.

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