Daylight Savings Time Enable Toggle

Can we get a Daylight Savings time toggle on the app on next update, that way we can choose to use the feature and not have to worry about out schedule task being activated or deactivated an hour or so off schedule?
OR - at the very least send app users a Daylight savings reminder when it comes close to the date so we can adjust our task ourselves, the reminder should pop up when loading the app don’t send over email. Have it pop up on the app interface just like the firm ware updates do that would be better.

We’re sorry, this was a bug and we will work on having it fixed for the next round. We apologize for the trouble!

Today is November 3rd and the switch back did not happen. I guess this change was put on hold?

I was hoping to setup a rule but there isn’t an option. I feel bad for the guy with 94 cameras.

At least when you visit each camera, it prompts to sync. That’s better than nothing…

Luckily I only have three cams. :grinning:

All of my cameras automatically switched to DST. I have heard of other people having the same issue as you, so the experience seems to be inconsistent.


Thanks. Not sure of which difference it is.

At least it is a minor issue that I will see only twice a year. :grinning:

Yeah, I checked in with this before DST and I know that we were expecting all cameras to adjust properly. I’m looking into what happened here to lead to the inconsistency.


I feel a little bit better about my memory now, as I was wondering when and why I changed my rules. Not a huge deal, as I am planning to move to AZ where they know that DST is ridiculous.

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