Daylight saving time

I’m not sure if this is just related to the beta app or not. When the app updated the time for daylight saving it also moved the time for my schedules up one hour each. I had to go and change the times for all of them.

Did you try syncing the time manually?

I noticed I was getting motion notifications that I shouldn’t have based on the time of day. I checked the time on the cameras and they were all correct. When I checked my scheduled I noticed all the times were plus 1 hour each. I manually set them all back one hour. Seems like a software programming glicth. It looks like the software moved all the times ahead for daylight saving time rather than just the clock.

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Most likely, but I’d like to see what everyone else is getting if they are getting the same issues.

Same issue here. This happened last fall as well.

Let me check my shortcuts really quick.

Edit: I am seeing the same results with my shortcuts.

I wondered this morning why I was getting alerts at a time when they are normally switched off, and found this exact problem - all my scheduled events showed the correct time initially, on the actual edit screen I found all had gone back an hour (in New Zealand daylight saving ended last weekend).

So clearly there’s still a problem. Hopefully something Wyze will address in a firmware update soon?

My cameras (both Pan) did not auto adjust for DST either - had to manually sync the time.

And there’s an on going issue with this problem - every alert I receive has the incorrect time on it, eg I just received an alert for apparently 15:37 for an event that occurred at 14:37. I’m not aware of any other ‘clock’ I need to adjust, given my cameras are showing the correct time and I have fixed the timers for all events, so I assume this is an extension of the same bug.

Hello @jonathan18, using the “sync” button should have fixed this issue. I recommend trying to do it again for the camera that you are experiencing the incorrect time from.

Hey there, thanks for the reply.

Have done the time sync previously, but have done it again just now, but I’m not sure how that would correct my problem, as both cameras report the correct time on their timestamps.

It’s the time on the alerts that still hasn’t adjusted to the new time.

Is there some other time setting within the app that I need to adjust?

Will report back if the problem is not resolved.

Edit: here’s a screenshot showing the problem. Note the notification was received an hour ago, hence the time referred to in the notification is an hour out!

I have the same problem. My notifications are an hour in the future.
Timestamp on the cameras are correct following a manual sync

Mine just did this too when DST ended

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