Issue with alert schedule since daylight savings hit?

Is anyone experiencing a one hour delay in your alert schedule since this past weekend daylight savings time occurred? I’ve tried syncing the time on both my cams numerous times as well as unplugging them and replugging them and still the alert schedule is being delayed by an hour. Is it an issue with the Wyze servers in the cloud perhaps?

I had an issue like that today. I wasn’t getting the notifications like I should so I turned them on. I then started getting notifications after they should have stopped. I went in to look at my short cuts and noticed that it was showing to start at 7:30 am like they should but when I went in to edit the time, it was showing 8:30 am. And the same thing for when they should have ended, I have it set to end at 4 pm but when I went in to edit the time, it was showing 5 pm. Sounds like there is an issue there somewhere where it’s not updating when it should.


I had the same problem. All of my times were plus 1 hour.

Me as well, you have to edit them.

Having the same fall back time issue. What is the fix to get the plugs to recognize the new time?