Notifications delayed by hours

I have two outdoor cams and the notifications for motion/person detection are getting delayed by hours.

I’ve tried turning the cameras off and on, power cycling the base station, force closing the iPhone app and restarting the phone. Nothing helps. I’m also on CamPlus if that matters. All other apps on my phone are delivering their notifications immediately.

Any idea on what I should do? Thanks!

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Same - I just posted this on the Wyze Twitter. The last real-time push notification for AI events on my outdoor Cam was around 8:15am PDT. Now I’m getting them 1 to 2 hours post-event. I’m on iOS 14.6, Wyze app version v.2.22.21, all firmware up to date. Events are however being recorded. Also on CamPlus.

EDIT: In app log submitted ID 255754

Not sure if my outdoor cam notifications are delayed, but just today I DID notice that the timestamp on all Event clips are one hour BEHIND the camera’s Live feed. Am in Mountain time zone if that matters.

Try going to settings for the cam - advanced settings and sync the time. Maybe it got out of whack after the DST change somehow between the cam and the device you use to access recordings. That’s all I got LOL.


I’d done that just after I posted my reply, not knowing if it would matter or not. Well, a bunny just hopped past my cam and created a motion event and the times now match, :+1:

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Yes apparently for some strange reason the Wyzecams still don’t reach out to a time server and still rely on synchs from the app? Doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s not as if there are costs involved.

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Yeah I found that out the hard way when I changed time zones and all of my automations synced up with the time zone I was visiting. I had to spend a bunch of time rescheduling everything, and then reverting when I returned. I have since turned off location services for the app completely - it was recommended by someone else to avoid that issue.

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As of this morning, notifications are coming in as expected. Chalking it up to temporary issue though it’s the first time that has happened in over a year of using Wyze devices.

This is again happening today after I updated. Notifications are delayed by 3.5 hours.

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Same here 3.5 hours delay. Also, I have set sound detection on one v.2 cam with push notifications enabled. Am getting the push notification but it is not saving the event to the Events tab. Additionally, I am getting push notifications for sound detection on a different cam where sound detection is disabled.