Time offset issue

Hello everyone,
Took a business trip last week to a location with a 2 hour time difference. Logged into my cameras and it noticed that I was in a different time zone and adjusted the time accordingly. After arriving home, I adjusted the time back to the original time. The issue I’m having is although the time displays correctly when viewing the cameras, the push notifications still have the -2 hour timestamp. I’ve tried everything to fix this with no luck. What am I overlooking? Thanks in advance.

Did “everything” include power cycle the camera, force restart the app, and then do a time sync again?

All of those but not in that order if that matters. I will try again in that order and see what happens and report back. Thanks.

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No change after taking those steps. Push notifications still 2 hours behind on timestamp. Any more suggestions?

I’m afraid I don’t. I’d suggest filing a support request through the app.

Thanks, I’ll try a hard reset to see if that fixes the issue. I have attached a picture of the screenshot when I get a notification showing the 2 hour time difference.

Just a followup, the time seems as of yesterday to have corrected itself without any further intervention. LIkely related to the 7 day option it gives you when you switch time zones?

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