Push notifications are time-stamped an hour ahead

All my push notifications from Wyze are coming in with a time-stamp one hour into the future. I just noticed it so it’s maybe related to the 12.3.1 iOS update?

Have not noticed any issues with notifications from any other app.

Anybody else seeing this?

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Hello @btanner54, have you tried going into the cameras advance settings and hitting the “sync” button?

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I had the same problem after being in Europe and checking my cameras there. When I came back it kept showing European time when pushing the notification (movement detected at x time, x being the time in Europe not where I was). All I did was log out of the app on my phone and log back in, that fixed the issue.

The best way to fix this is to push for legislation to remove daylight saving time. As a software engineer working on time applications this and time zones are the most painful thing to deal with. I have a hard time seeing ways around time zones but daylight saving time is just dumb these days

I have noticed this, on Android, for a while. Cameras all show correct time but push notifications are 1 hour in the future.

Screen grab of Push notification over top of the live cam views.

Yeah it just needs to be synced. I have seen this before for various reasons. One of which being daylight saving time.

That fixed it. Thanks!