3 hours of difference in notification

When I get a notification on my iphone and ipad, It’s three hours behind the actual event time. The timestamp is correct when viewing the event in the app.

The notification happens at the actual time, but the time shown on the notification is 3 hours behind. For example: At 11am, I get a notification that a person was detected at 8am, but the actual time is 11am.

I’ve used the “Sync time” feature and also deleted and reinstalled the app.

I factory reset the device still no use. It seems too difficult for wyze to fix.

I noticed that too! I live in Virginia. My theory is that since the company is based in California, notifications are somehow linked to their time zone :thinking:

I’ve used the “Sync time” feature and also deleted and reinstalled the app.

Just as an aside, the “sync time” function within the Wyze app has not worked in a long time. For some reason when tapped, it does not complete an NTP query. To force a time sync, you have to restart the device.

I am having the same 3 hour difference problem. Time stamp on live stream is correct on all cameras but notification is 3 hours earlier. It happens. Is there a Time Zone setting in the notification setup?

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Tha August Fix-it Friday is up! Please like my post under that thread if you want to vote for this notification time issue to be fixed.

There is now a workaround from @WyzeJasonJ to fix this issue. See if this works for you.

On iOS: Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically (uncheck)

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For people bothered by it??? Of course we’re bothered by it it’s wrong - can’t believe a company rep would answer like this. I tried the fix and it didn’t work btw

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Sorry that comment was from me, not anyone from Wyze. I only paraphrased his workaround and added my own “intro” of not being bothered by it.

I had been seeing this issue since the end of June and his workaround fixed it for me. To be honest, mine was off by 12 hours so I just ignored the AM/PM.

If the workaround doesn’t work for you, you can submit a log and send in a Support ticket. If you post the log number here maybe someone from Wyze would look into it.

Submitting log for one of my cameras, but it happens on all. Log ID: 1303046

I would also follow the instructions after you submitted the log where it states to also contact Support and tell them your experience and also inform them of the log number. That way your info and log can be forwarded to the devs and engineers for investigation. Thanks!

I have one that as well.

So after a couple updates to the app, and also trying to set the time zone manually to another location and waiting, then setting it back … my issue is still unresolved.