Wrong timestamp on notifications

Ever since I came back from europe the time in the notifications is about 6 hours ahead.

See attached 2 screenshots.
This is a notification that came in at 7:22 am but the notification itself says 1:22 am.

Power-cycling the phone didn’t help.

Try going to the camera 5hen settings advance and sync time

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I am sorry about this, it is a known issue we are working on. There is a work around that seems to fix it. Manually change the time zone in your phone to a different one, wait about 10 minutes and then change it back to the correct one and see if that fixes things.


Thanks Jason and Spamoni4.
I first changed the time zone on my phone from EST (New York) to PSF (California) and the notifications came in with the California time.
Then I switch my phone back to its original time zone (EST) and also SYNC the time on the cameras (as suggested by Spamoni4) .
Not sure which solution fixed the issue or the combination of both… but my notificatiosn are fine now. Thanks again for the help.


I am glad you were able to get it fixed and am sorry about the trouble.

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