Time zone (set time)

I have 4 cam-pan V3 installed in different locations. The time stamp shows the time being off by 1 hour on all cams. I have gone into settings and synced the time but nothing changes. Is there a way to set the time zone or change the time on each camera?
I have searched the help topics but nothing works, any ideas?

The app pulls the time zone from the phone but doesn’t update it on a regular basis. You can try going into your phone, setting the time zone to something else, waiting for 20m or so and using the app until it updates to what you set, then changing it back to the local time zone so that App updates with the new time zone.

I will try that but it seems very strange that it will not update to the correct time on my phone now.

I tried this and no luck, it will not update to the new time zone, I waited about 1 hour and I also tried “time sync” Still no luck

Are those 4 cams on networks that are in an adjacent time zone? I believe the GPS of the network they are on determines their Time Zone settings.

3 cams are in 1 time zone 2 on the same network and 1 on a different network. 1 cam is in a different time zone and this is the time that all cams are set to. It never used to be this way it is something new.

Was that last cam in the other time zone the last one to get installed?

There have been others who have had issues with the time zone reporting improperly, especially after traveling out of the country. But the above mentioned procedure was supposed to be the workaround. I haven’t seen any other fixes or workarounds. Not sure if it may be an anomaly introduced by the new app updates.

Have you tried doing a new setup on one of your local cams like you were installing it new?

The last one I installed was just 5 days ago, that is when I noticed it was in the wrong time zone, then I checked the others on that network and the other that is on that time zone but on a different network and all 3 are showing the wrong time.
In theory shouldn’t each cam sync the the network time that that cam is on?

Honestly, I have no clue how the cams get or maintain their times. I have specifically asked several times for the explanation of this… if it is server driven based on network GPS on install, app\phone driven, or Cam Firmware driven pulling time from the local network router. I have asked what the time update protocols are, how often they check time variance, what server or service they use, and how the “Sync Time” works. I have never been educated on any of these.

I did not answer your last question fully. The last cam to get installed has the wrong time on it :frowning: Does anyone from Wyze monitor this forum?

Yes and no. Mostly no.

There are specific Topics that are monitored by Wyze. New Beta App Release and Firmware Beta Release threads for testing, App and Firmware Release Threads, the Wishlist, and a Topic called Fix-it-Friday which is posted on the first Friday of each month and is open to users to submit bugs like this that need fixed.

The October FIF is already closed, but the November one is only a week away. That would most likely be your best bet to post an issue.

But, there are other @Mavens and @Mods here in the forum with a vast wealth of experience that far exceeds mine. I threw up the Bat :bat: Signal by tagging them above, so they should be pulling up your post and taking a look soon. If they have any ideas, they will post in.


Thank you for all your help, you are very generous with your time.
Thank you for the heads up for @Mavens and @Mods


@pvkid , there is another thread pertaining to Time Zone issues. Here is the link where a Wyze Employee @WyzeJasonJ provided what has worked in the past. The individual tried it and was successful.

Note: They tried what Jason Recommended as well as doing a Time Sync as I recommended.


I have cameras at our short-term rentals in EST and we live in MST. The only way I have been able to reliably get this to work is by conducting the time sync while I am there. Luckily it sticks as following a power outage or other event the cameras (Video Doorbells actually) maintain the correct time and time zone and respect DST changes.

I agree that we should be able to directly configure the time zone we want represented on the devices manually. That is the only real fix for this.


Yes, Commissioner Gordon…

@pvkid by chance when was the last time you did a full cache clear on your phone and/or restarted it. when I have had similar things happen to me over the years I give those a shot as well, Ive had had mixed results on the sync issue but this was many years ago now, this particular issue was solved for quite some time and has slowly reemerged with mixed variables for users…try those two things and see if either might help with getting the sync up to date.


I did try this last night and still nothing has changed. It never changed to the new time zone I set even after pressing sync. After I changed the time on my phone back to the local time still nothing changed. It is like it is stuck on the wrong time zone. Nothing I do will make it change.

I did try the full cache clear on my phone and restarted it. nothing changed :frowning:

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well those are my go to’s. i’m going to do some thinking on this one, if I can come up with something I’ll throw it back here…

ohhh Actually, as I take this, I had a thought. Your profile says you use Android. Do you, by chance, have developer Options enabled? this is. getting this is getting into quite little nerd stuff, so if you don’t, no worries. I won’t have you go into a bunch of stuff like this, but if you do happen to have this enabled, I can think of one other way we might be able to test it, I’m not sure if it would work or not.

Yes I have developer options enabled. I am a nerd and would love to try :slight_smile:

I just wanted to let everyone that has helped me, I woke up this morning and all cams had the correct time, even the one in a different time zone than I am in. I did not change anything but it is all fixed now :slight_smile: