Cameras Time is not in SYNC with phone app


The summer time just changed in my city, and now all the cameras show an Hour in advance than the real one.

My phone has the correct time, and I have used the iphone app “SYNC TIME” feature on each camera… but it won´t work.

I have searched within the app but have not found any other place with the option to change this setting

please help me


Have you tried clearing the app cache, signing out of the app, closing it, and then opening it again and logging back in?

What about an app deletion and reinstall?

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It may be necessary to reveal the time zone your phone is set to so the Devs can investigate why. Also your iPhone OS version.

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Hi, My iPhone iOS is 16.4.1

the time Zone is Mexico City, our current president decided last year that we will no longer apply the “Daylight saving time” in our country (with the exception of the US Border States)… in general so many systems are having issues with this date update apparently… but what I don’t get with Wyze is that not even the “Sync Time” feature is working.

I have restarted my phone, restarted all the cameras, deleted and reinstalled Wyze app., so it s also the latest version, … all the cameras have the most recent Firmware.

Have tried setting my phone time manually and automatically, but it does not update on the cameras

Notice that I have 2 Locations for my cameras. The TIME is correct in one location, but incorrect in the other one.

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thanks, but this did not worked for me

Hello, did you get a solution? I’m having the same issue, I’m in Mexico too, thank you

no solution yet

Your posts haven’t been ignored. Your posts actually sparked more PM discussions behind the scenes trying to determine the exact mechanism of how the cams are time synced.

What is unclear is if all cams within an app\account are time synced to the phone time or the server time at the time of sync; and if each cam is then adjusted to the time zone of the router it is on using the GPS data gathered when the cam was installed to that network; or if the cams are using a time server for their sync and then adjusting by IP origin thru the ISP.

The discussion is still ongoing and hopefully we can get some information from Wyze that may help identify the root of the anomoly.

Just out of curiosity. When you say you have two locations, do you mean that the three cams above that are not displaying the correct time with your phone are on a different WiFi network and\or ISP than the two shown that are showing the correct time? That the tyme sync issue is geographical location specific? Were these two locations previously in different time zones?

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hi, Yes

The two locations are in the SAME City (always have been in the same location), they are in DIFFERENT WIFI networks and , SAME Internet provider thoug…

We noticed that the network with the wrong time cameras had THAT same Wrong time…

  • So we updated the Router to the correct time,
  • We restarted the Router
  • then we cleared app cache again,
  • and then SYNC TIME
  • and Restarted the cameras on that network

BUT It did NOT worked , so I am not sure how is the time set in the cameras :pensive:

I have tried SYNC TIME while using the phone´s DATA, and then without DATA but with each network´s WIFI, but there is NO change in cameras time :sob:

Whenever I do a Clear Cache, I make sure to also log out of the app, force stop the app process, and reboot the device while I power cycle the cam.

On one of the cams that is on the “off time” network, after you verify that the router has the correct time, run a new setup on one of the cams to see it that will reset the time. Don’t delete it from the app, just do a new device setup and name it the same thing.

Hello, i am in Mexico City too and i have the same error with time zone, do you resolved this problem?

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Also same problem… Mexican as well.—

Any updates?


Same issue Mexico city, I am user with 12 cameras and all set wrong time for 1 hour :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Same issue with devices in Guadalajara MX after the DST didn’t applied this year in Mexico. No solution yet ?

I have not found a solution for the moment

I have noticed that if I playback an event, the time of the event is correct (in the timeline), but obviously the recording still shows the wrong hour

Yes, correct. Playback search bar shows real time.

Same issue, México City

Check out this post. This was for a time sync variance between notification and phone, however it may also work for cam and phone. It’s worth a try.

You can put the time zone in one hour before or waterever you need to fix, and sync the time in the wyze app with your cameras and then return your cellphone time zone.