Unable to sync the right time!

I am not able to sync the right time with my Wyze Cam. It would always set 30 minutes before my local time. For example, if my local time is 6 PM and I hit the sync time button, the time will set to 5:30 PM. It doesn’t matter what phone I use (iOS/Android), the time would only set 30 mins before my local time on the camera.

Note: I live in India and our timezone is IST (UTC+5:30). This is a special timezone because it is not a discrete multiple of 1 hour. Did the devs just forget to take such special cases into account? Or did they think their cams will only be used in North America?

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Yes, the Wyze devices are designed for and intended to be sold and used in North America (USA). Wyze is not an international company, yet. Please see this Wishlist topic. :slight_smile:

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My guess is that the cams are connecting to a time server and based on your IP, gets your time zone from a table somewhere. That time server is probably not aware of the special half-hour increment. It’s non-standard. Considering that these are cheap cameras, at least getting what would otherwise be the correct time zone, is in itself pretty good.

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See also this Wishlist topic:

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Great feature request! On the contrary, I think this should have been the norm since the very beginning. God knows what they were thinking while designing the camera :confused:

The engineers all live in Seattle. There are no other time zones! :joy: