Camera Time Changes when Traveling

I travel between the US and Europe several times a month. I often check my cameras from overseas. As of the last few weeks, (can’t pinpoint it to a specific camera or app update) the time changes from the local camera time to the time zone I am in (somewhere in Europe). I have to look at a camera from home to change it back to local time. This is pretty annoying. Before, the only way to change the time was to “sync time”. Apparently it does it automatically now? I wish this wasn’t the case. Is there a way to turn this off or is it a bug that snuck in there recently? This only happens with my v3 cameras by the way, not my v2’s.

Someone else experienced this with the Thermostat while traveling to Spain. Apparently the App automatically syncs the time with the phone time and uses that to update the device time.

Not sure if that is by design though. I would think that the cam timestamp should be based on local GPS time of the WiFi network to which the cam is connected, not to the app time.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I agree, the time should stay local unless you force to some other time zone. Odd also that my v2 cams don’t switch. I’m thinking it might be something to do with a v3 firmware update rather than the app. I will test that again when I’m back over there. Hopefully someone at Wyze notices this post and will forward it to someone so this can be fixed again.

I’m going to run this up the back channel flag pole to Wyze and see if we can get some information. Will post back if I hear something.

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Thank you!

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I have done a bit of checking and found this is an issue we are aware of and working on. So far it only occurs on the Wyze Cam v3 and on iOS. I am sorry you are affected by it.


Glad to hear it is being worked on, Thank you.

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Any news for this fix? I have 3 V3s and they all have siren rules set to run in the early morning hours. I’ll be traveling overseas and really would hate to mess these up.

Does anyone have any workarounds?

It seems the issue has been fixed. I just got back from overseas today and the clocks all seemed to have stayed on local time. There hasn’t been a cam update, but there has been an app update. I’m guessing that was the fix. So make sure you have the newest version of the Wyze app.

This is awesome! Issue fixed before I even knew it existed!
Thanks @Michi for the update.