V3 cameras all showing wrong Date/Time

All my cameras stopped creating events last week. After troubleshooting with support, my cameras were warrantied. I am still having the same problem with the new cameras. I have noticed now that my date/time are incorrect. It is currently Nov 13th, but my timestamp shows Sept 17th. Resyncing time is not working. I have even tried from a different device but it still had the same result. Strangely my thermostat seems to be logging to the correct date, so I don’t think it is a app date/time issue.

To sync the camera time with the time on your phone, follow these simple steps.
Within the app:

  1. View the live stream feed of one of the cams
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner - aka settings
  3. Find and click Advanced Settings
  4. Scroll down to the last option at the bottom of the list - click Sync Time
  5. Repeat the process for the other cameras

I’m not sure how the date/time is set on the cams by default. With that said, I’ve never noticed had the time off by more than a few minutes at most… Good luck and keep us posted.

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When you first set up the camera the time is set from your phone we never had an issue with time,only the camera’s we have set up in other time zones

Interesting and good to know. Thank you for sharing and that makes complete sense.

Based on the information you shared, the root cause of the issue must be related to the device the OP is using to setup the cams. That device must have the incorrect date/time.

However, I see the OP is stating they have tried to re-sync the time from multiple devices with no effect. I’m at a loss on this one, but I think it is safe to say it is something on the OPs end. I say this because it sounds as if multiple cams were replaced under warranty and the problem persists.

@Sendero - Do you have any friends or family with a WYZE account? Maybe let one of them temporarily take one of your cams and set it up at their location? This will tell you if the issue follows the cam or not.

I have one v3 out of six cams, which accepts the time sync command, but the displayed time is always exactly two hours off. However, events are recorded at the correct real time. The problem is in reviewing that cam’s event videos which now give a misleading timestamp. Any ideas?

That seems super odd. It almost sounds like a time-zone related issue, but I have not seen any settings for that within the app. Maybe do another time sync and then try formatting the micro-SD card. I’m grasping here, but it’s worth a shot (assuming you can afford to lose everything on the micro-SD card).

I have wiped the SD cards and even tried syncing time from a different device. I am pretty sure the timestamp is why my events is empty. Look at the phone date vs the timestamp. This even did not show under events in the app either.

That is nuts! I was about to suggest removing the WYZE app from your device, rebooting your device, then installing the WYZE app again to see if it makes a diff. However, you said you’re seeing this from multiple devices so I suspect that won’t do the trick either.

What a strange problem. Sorry, but I’m out of ideas and hope that someone will chime in with the silver bullet fix.

Solution to mis-matched timestamp in video, supplied by wyze wizard chat-line:
log-off the app, then log-in again.

Not clear why this works, but time sync takes effect correctly thereafter.

This did not work for me. I have even went so far as force closing the app as well as uninstall ING and reinstalling the app on a different ocassion.

Shot in the dark here…have you rebooted your phone?

Yup and even tried a different phone.

Hi Sendero, sorry for the in-convenience.
Have you tried pressing Sync button with App v2.27? We made some bugfixes for this in v2.27. Let me know if that works?

If not, could you please send me the following info:

  1. Firmware Version of your V3 that does not sync the time
  2. Do you see the toast “Updated Successfully” after you press Sync button?
  3. Please submit a log and send me the Log ID. I’ll get it investigated.
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App 2.27.14
3 v3 cams all firmware

Yes all 3 report successful time sync

Log 381267

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I had 2 cameras showing the wrong hour. I suspect that when I was in Montana and looked at the cameras, they may have changed the time.
I have been back home for a week, yet the two cameras wouldn’t change. I resynced time several times, it said sync successful, but the hour didn’t change.
I powered them off for over an hour hoping the time off would correct it. Nope.
Finally, I deleted, then re-added the cameras and all is good.

New information on my issue. No device on my network is getting responses to NTP requests. I even tried a different router(w/ factory default settings) thinking that something in my settings might be causing the issue. My windows 11 desktop says it last synced time a week before my fiber internet install. This was about 2 weeks before a firmware update on my V3’s. It was after that update that my issues presented themselves.

All you for is go to the advanced tab and hit sync cam,fast,simply

Sync says it completes successfully. The fact that all my cams report dates that are more than a month old shows that there is a deeper issue.

Hello, sorry, were you able to find a solution, I have the same problem, before I solved the problem by updating the date by setting my cell phone as the access point, but this method no longer works for me, you found a solution to date, I get the year 2021

Eventually tracked my issue down not to the cams, but to my ISP. They had something misconfigured on the back end that cause all NTP traffic to fail. Only in the last week have they finally sorted out the issue and I have been able to use the cameras properly.