App update: Time to Spring forward!

Daylight Saving Time kicked in over the weekend. Remember to update your app to handle DST for shared cameras.


I had just assumed that the cameras, being internet connection, would update their time automatically. Just checked and see I have to go in a manually sync each one in the app.

There’s no global setting? Please update the camera firmware so that they will update to DST/ST automatically. Perhaps there needs to be a switch for that in the advanced preferences.

And, by the way, if the camera is not updated, the cloud alerts page in the app shows the proper time of an alert, but the timestamp of that alert when playing back the video is off by an hour.

I monitor my cam on iPad and kindle HD 10, and a pop up asked if I wanted to sync cam time with my device.

Thanks Rick! I’ll check on this with Tao and see what he says. It might be more useful to sync all the cameras that are added to the app together. I may be wrong but I do think this update would be to future proof switches between DST/ST. For your last point I’ll also make sure Tao is aware of it.