Parallel Time Lapse DLs

Subject says it all. It would be nice to enable parallel downloads for time lapse recordings since they seem unusually slow despite fast internet speeds/connections.

That’s all folks.

(Please and thank you!)

The time-lapse files are downloaded while your on the same wifi as the camera, it shouldn’t use the internet, should all stay local. I like the idea though because bigger time lapse files take a while to download, but I think the limitation is the processing power of the camera and maybe its wifi connection. Does it download about the same speed as the camera live view on hd streams?

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It would appear that your suspicion is correct, at least on the surface… I don’t have a time lapse vid to DL atm but my HD stream is running between 80 and 140KB/s.
While I’m grateful that the stream doesn’t consume more bandwidth than is necessary, having the Downloads tied to it sort of makes me wish that it consumed a bit more since my internet connection is generally in the vicinity of 700 Mbps.

Any way these two can be decoupled? Not that that necessarily means they will, just curious if it’s possible or a HW limitation.