Time Lapse - Wyze Cam v3 - Question

I have the Wyze Cam v3 and I am trying to get the time-lapse feature to work. I set it up to record my time-lapse, and it looked to be working on the app. I set it up to record every 10 seconds. After about 20 minutes I stopped it “it asked if I am sure, I said yes”, and when I took out the microSD card and put it in the computer I can see in the “record” folder a bunch of mp4 files. When I click on it opens a video of what I tried to record however it is a 60-second video and it’s not broken into 10-second parts. I recorded a clock so i can see it counting.

Am I doing something wrong?

Not sure. Ten-second shots is a bit long. Maybe try it again with 3-second captures over a few hours. You will be able to download the record from SD to your album.

Thanks for the reply.
Do you know how to download the record from the SD?
On my phone I can see the time lapse video but it’s not saved on the microSD.

Yes. I had this same discovery long ago. The time lapse hasn’t been processed yet. You need to open the camera, and in the menu below the live stream, click on “Album” then download the timelapse there. It will process the timelapse into the proper 10 second interval and then you can download it onto your phone. I am not sure if it will then have the properly encoded timelapse also on the SD card or not, but I remember that for me the file was definitely not encoded into the interval I set on the SD card. I think the APP finishes processing it in the Albums area.

Your looking in the wrong folder. Your looking at the SD card event or continuous recorded footage. You need to look into the “timelapse” folder.


The 60 second videos are the events or continious recorded footage. Thats how the camera records footage to the SD card, in 60 second files.

I also think your misunderstanding how time laspes work. Your interval (10 seconds as you chose), is the interval between frames. So a 10 second interval will take a frame of video every 10 seconds, and then go until your set time frame is up.

If your timelapse ends at the set time, or you end it early, it should save it to a video file. There is no “compiling” of the frames into the video later, its done when the previous two things occur. The only way the timelapse wont save correctly, is if the camera looses power or resets while a time lapse is in progress.

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Here is where I just made my timelapse…

Click on the downarrow and it will begin the download.

If you set it for 10-second increments you will take 6 frames a minute. After an hour would have 360 frames. You come out with a very short time

Here is a Time Lapse I made a couple of years ago …
2021 Extended Yard Work


Hi, thanks. I was able to find the time-lapse file in the album section and downloaded it. The file only seems to be available from my phone and not on the microSD so I can transfer it to my computer. Do you know if this file once downloaded… is it getting downloaded to my phone? I plan on making a long (60 day time-lapse) with 10-second intervals so the file could be pretty big at the end of it.

Thanks for the reply.
When I go into the time-lapse folder all I see is this:


It doesn’t have a video file or images. Just this within a folder.

I do understand time-lapse. I normally do time-lapse on a go-pro. I want to record 10 second intervals over the a period of 60 days. With the go-pro it takes an image every 10 seconds and in the end I have hundreds of thousands of images which is actually better.

With the Wyze, I am just confused on why it is recording none stop it seems onto the microSD by creating 60 second video clips. This will fill my card with video I don’t need. But are you saying it is recording everything without breaks so that later at the end of the 60 days it can go back to each and every 60 second clip and pull the 6 frames (1 frame every 10 seconds) to then compile my time lapse video?

Thank you for this. I was able to find that now and I downloaded my “test” video. My concern is that my file will be huge in the end and I will have to download it to my phone? I was hoping the microSD card i have in the camera would have been where the file would be saved to so I could transfer it to my computer. :frowning:

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I can understand what you are saying. I have to download the file from SD to the Wyze gallery on my phone. Once there, OneDrive syncs a copy to my PC through the cloud.

A long time ago, I am not sure it still exists, was a third saving option within the Wyze app. I wish I revisited this option sooner. There was an option to save to SD, the Cam cloud$ or NAS. Not sure if that is still an option.

A better solution is needed.

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The “.h264” is the video file, it just doesnt look like the file type is associated with a player on your end. I have it set to be opened with VLC over here and it shows like this.


I like this to, because the resolution can be much higher than 1080p when compiled. but Wyze cameras put all the frames that are saved straight into a video file, 1080p.

Because your microsd card recording setting is set to either “events only” or “continuous”. These files are saved to the “drive\record” directory, into the day folders, then into the hour folders, then the minute files that i believe you are seeing are there.

The Wyze time lapses can only be set for up to 30 days at a time.


Thank you for this. I’ll look at getting VLC on this computer to see if I can open that file. I will also look into the continuous recording to see if that is turned on.

And thanks for the heads up on the 30-day recording time. I’ll make sure to set a reminder on the 29th day to switch out the micro SD and set up the camera for another 30 days.


You can see if other file players has he ability to play that file type. If you are on PC, right click then “open with”, then close a program as it should display video viewer programs. I like VLC as it can play many file types and I’ve gotten use to the menu system. Once you associate that file type with a video player it should save that setting and open future file types of that extension automatically.

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