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Hello all, new to Wyze so far three Wyze pan cams and currently have on pre order the Wyze Sense Starter Kit. Love the products! I have I hope a very simple question for most.

Curious, I see on the discover tab within my Wyze app that some videos that are post are time lapsed. Curious how that is done! Do I need to transfer those files from my sd card to some type of software? Thanks in advance.

It is something you have to set up ahead of time. You can find it under “more” below a camera’s live feed.

Here’s a helpful post on figuring out the interval, etc.


For more, check the Support link top right of this page.

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Someplace on here there are good instructions. Maybe a mod can point them out.
Basically first you need an SD card, then mash the time lapse button, set up your parameters. let it run.
When done or canceled you then select album and “download” the video.
Beware! it puts the entire video on your device in a default location, transferring it from the camera SD card to your device. In my case this was the root drive on which I had limited space. An 8 hour time lapse @ 3second interval took up about a GB or so.
In my case it would just bomb out.
/edit - I see Loki got here while I was typing.

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