Wyze Camera v3 - How does timelapse work?

Hello all,

Camera v3 - latest firmware with 64GB memory
App: Wyze beta (latest update)

I am testing the timelapse feature for the first time, but each time, the resulting timelapse cannot be downloaded.

When I look in the Wyze app album, I see a video, but when I select to download, it never goes beyond 0%.

I’ve tried creating a timelapse a few times now and the results are the same each time. :frowning:

Does the timelapse feature work?
Can I just tell Wyze to take photos every x minutes, and I’ll stitch the photos together to create my own timelapse?
Is there a third-party tool that can tap into the Wyze camera to create timelapse videos?

BTW, I attempted to post this to the beta forum, but the forum insisted that I select a “beta” tag, however, none exists. The only tag that begins with “b” is “bug.”

Thank you

Yes, the timelapse function works - just tested it (to answer another forum question) a couple days ago on both a V2 and a V3. To do the download, you do have to be on the same WiFi as the camera. You can’t download a timelapse video from another location. Normally if you are not on the same WiFi, you will get an error message indicating that you need to be on the same WiFi. However, I don’t think that is your problem based on your screen capture. Are you using an Android or a #$%^&* iPhone?
I don’t know why you could not download. When I did my test two days ago, the download and playing to my Android phone worked fine, but on my &^%$# iPhone I could download, but not play the video.

Thanks K6CCC,

But I am on the same WiFi network. I can’t even download a video.

But this whole video timelapse is ridiculous anyway. I would much rather be able to take interval photos and stitch them together into a video myself. Wyze customers have been requesting interval photo capability since 2019… it’s actually easier to implement than video timelapse!

What do you think a time lapse is? A series of photos at a specified interval. What am I missing?
Or do you want thousands and thousands of individual .jpg files to manipulate?

If Wyze allowed saving of timed sequential snapshots, we would be able to take time lapses of more than 30 days.

It’s really easy to stitch together 1000s of still photos.

And time lapses actually always begin as still images.

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