Long term timelapse

I would like to create a Timelapse of a construction project with possibly 4 pictures/day but only during daylight hours. Is there a way I can do this? It would run for 6 months or so.

If I just use the interval mode set to six hours it would capture during the night and have a ‘flashing’ effect on the video. Does the Wyze app have this capability or are there third party apps that interface to the Wyze v3 camera and can do this.

Any Timelapse examples of this sort of thing? Settings?


Worst case you could have it on a smart plug that turns it off at night.

Unless they changed it recently Time Lapse is limited to 1 month. :frowning:

Thanks for the input. I’ll set it for 30 days and then string together the files to one video.


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if you set up a rules schedule. one to turn the camera off at a certain time ( darkness) and another rule to turn it back on at sunrise your time-lapse will be made without the “off” footage.

I think I have a few examples at home but they are rather large…I dont think they fit on the forums., and as @gemniii stated the time-lapse are currently limited in timespans of 1 month duration, that’s the only pain, but you already know the trick for that edit

I had done one of these longer lapse capturing trees in my neighborhood turning orange in the fall. it came out rather ok but I need to get my sequencing down more :slight_smile: it’s a hard thing to time some years.