Long-term time laps for building project

Considering purchasing a Wyze, as I need a simple and affordable camera to record the rebuilding of our house in the California Wildfires burned zone. It will take a year and a half. I have a balcony overlooking the construction zone. Ideally I’d set up a camera to:

  • Take interval shots, one every 5-6 minutes or so, to motion-sense and record activity during daylight working hours. That would ensure I don't get long gaps with nothing happening during the night and weekend days when they won't be working
  • Live-stream to a website as well as record all the shots to produce a full project length video of the rebuilding project after completion
  • Be weather-proofable: some rain here in winter but temps rarely below freezing at night and never snow. The Wyze is indoor-only but I'm thinking I can put it in a box with one side open
Is this something I can set up a Wyze for? Would love your advice!


Consider a raspberry pi and a camera. You can do almost anything with that (i.e., program time shots every 5 minutes, detect motion with OpenCV, etc.). Not easy but not terribly hard either. A CS student could do it for a moderate cost…