Problem with Wyzecam V2 and timelapses

Hello !

So I have a wizecam V2 and wanted to do a timelapse over a couple month period. I decided to choose a 1h interval.

I noticed while browsing the app that it stopped recording after a few days / a week. I watched the files and they almost all were 2Go and the interval was still 3sec by default.

Is there any way to force the interval ? Is there a way to have the cam record the long timelapse without stopping ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Yes, you can set the interval to almost anything you want. As for your several month duration, I have never tried that, but I have seen some fairly long duration time lapses posted here on the forum. However, I seem to recall more than one comment about time lapses not working past the end of the current month - NOT CONFIRMED.