How to adjust timelapse length on Wyze Cam v2

Have a Wyze Cam v2 and can’t seem to adjust how long the final produced timelapse is. For example. I change how often it takes a pic (3 sec, 5 min, etc) and I do it for about 6-8 hours and most videos are always 3 seconds long. WAAAyy to fast to enjoy cloud development. The other day I did the exact same 3 seconds, 8 hours and the final video came out about 1 minute long. Not sure why?

The final Timelapse length will depend on the duration and interval you set. It should give an estimate of the storage used and final length before you start the Timelapse. Are you saying this number is different than what the final Timelapse actually is?

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There is a math problem you can do to calculate about how long a time lapse will be if the time lapse settings doesn’t show you.

Say a time lapse file is 30 FPS, so that’s 30 frames in 1 second. Now if you select the interval to be 3 seconds when setting up the time lapse, then for each 90 seconds in human time, your time lapse file will be one second long. Because every 3 seconds you will get one frame added to your file, and it will take 90 seconds to get 30 frames, which is 1 second of video. If you select a interval of 10 seconds, then it will take 5 minutes of human time to create one second of time lapse video. If you have a interval of 1 minute, it will take 30 minutes to get 30 frames for one second of video.

If you Google time lapse calculator, it’ll come up with many renditions of online calculators that’ll help you calculate out size and duration and interval with different variations in variables.

Time lapses are very fun to play with and very interesting.

If you have access to a video editor, what you can do is take the recorded files from continuous recording AFTER something takes place and then speed up their playback time in the video editor to create a faux time lapse, but I’ll still have a similar output or final product. I use this method where if I miss setting up a Time lapse during a storm that passes through, the next day. I can take the recorded files, put it in my video editor and speed them up to create the fast moving cloud effect.


I’m saying it doesn’t provide me with any information on the length or estimated file size. It just says: “time lapse is set to end at 02/16/24 6:00 pm”
So sometimes timelapses I set for 3 seconds for 6 hour duration end up being 1 minute long and other times I’ve had it be 3 seconds long. Like it shows 6 hours in 3 seconds (way too fast) I didn’t ask it do make it that short.

Thank you. I’m familiar with how to post produce a continuous recording. My issue is that even though I select 3 second intervals, sometimes the output video it gives me is 3 seconds long and other times 1 min long, even though I set it for 6 hours and 3 sec. intervals.

Watch the time stamp. Does it zoom through the 6 hr time frame? Or does it stop short?

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