Create atime lapse

I want to take a timelapse movie of snapshots every 10 seconds that will cover a procedure that is about 10 minutes long. I can’t find anywhere in the settings to do so.

This on my OG-Tele. In the left image, scroll right where I have it circled in red. Then on the right image, the arrow points to TimeLapse. Select that and set up the options.


BTW, if you use those parameters, you will end up with a video that is only about 2 seconds long. That may suite your purposes, but maybe not…


@K6CCC is on target with the length of the video.

When all the snapshots the cam takes are compiled into the resulting video, it plays at 30 frames per second. Each second requires 30 snapshots to be taken.

You can calculate the length of the final video by:

[(Duration in seconds ÷ Interval in seconds) ÷ 30] = Video Length in seconds.

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It’s easy to make a slow video faster, but tough to make a fast video slower. I would make your interval quicker then if the export is too long, you can shorten it up by speeding up the video in a video editor.


Thanks! It’s obvious now… :slight_smile: