How many seconds do you set your timelapse?

I tried my first yesterday at 10 sec for 4 hours. Made for 120 meg file and looked OK. But there was almost no action except for a lite breeze in the trees. Wondering what would be the best interval for a busy road?

if its a busy road you want it set at the quickest interval so you get frames of all that is happening. for something that slower moving, say, clouds/sunset, a 10 to 20 second interval looks pretty good. but for doing something like plants growing minutes would be the interval you want.

I believe the frame rate it automatically uses is 30 frames per second. so depending on your need, do the math and calculate what you think would work best depending on the application.

remember there are a lot of video editing apps that allow you to speed up or slow down video. but if you dont have all the frames you need it will look very “jumpy”


FWIW … I setup a 5-hour time lapse (from 10:30-15:30) on Christmas eve. I used the default 3-second interval. File timelapse_20191224_03_30_31.MP4 was created at 483 MB. Quality was great.