Time lapse feature

We just went through a freeze in Texas and I had to rescue 15 caterpillars and chrysallis’. I built a small area to keep them safe and set up a wyze camera. when they went to hang on the ceiling to change I wanted to set up a way to see them transform. I would love a way to set something to take a picture every 5 minutes or to set taking a 10 second video every 5 minutes.

That capability has existed for years. You do have to have a uSD card in the camera to record a TimeLapse.
Select the camera.
Click the 3 dots below the image for “More”
Select Time Lapse.
Set start and End date and times, and the the interval to take a photo for the time lapse.Click “Set”


Following on what @K6CCC stated, when the time interval you set up is completed based on the schedule you set you’ll go into your album (in the app ) and there will be a download button on a thumbnail, it will be apparent that it’s very different, make sure you’re connected to the Wi-Fi as it can only be done on the same network and download your time lapse to your phone and voila you’ll have your time lapse! :slight_smile:


Wyze cameras do have a time lapse feature, but the output is always a video. You set a time frame that you would like the camera to take photos, you then set the interval for how far between each photo is taken, then the camera takes all the photos and stitches them together as frames of the outputed video.


Are you able to do a time lapse in travel mode or without the base station?